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    GTFO Co-op

    just bought 2 days ago
  2. Deathe25

    Pathfinder Tabletop

    i am lookin to see if anyone would be interested in playin a campaign my coworker offered to dm plus we would be able to supply books message me if u have any questions
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    Anthem origin IGNs

  4. Deathe25

    Anyone here into getting some raids in???

    i just started playin EFT
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    LFG Escape from Tarkov

    looking to get a group together to play Tarkov during the weekend
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    Its time to escape!

    i just bought it an havent started playin it
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    i am plannin on pre ordering it
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    Looking for suggestions on MMOG's.

    have u tried guild wars 2
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    its 5v5 squad or 5vai
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    i just started up playin Siege again since they r takin care of the cheatin problem more now
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    Squad - Anyone tried it?

    i have squad but dont play often last time i played there was no air support yet an limited armor to drive
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    State of Decay 2

    i wanted to know if anyone is playin state of decay 2
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    BfA Launch Aug 13th at 3pm PST

    i havent figured out which side i want to play i am an alliance main but slowly playin horde with a coworker
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    Anyone returning?

    i been play to do the shield challenges for the next division
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    I am lookin for more people to play with since it is open beta just dm me in discord ur name in dauntless for me to add u