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  • Officer in less then 2 months! Holy cow! Great job you are doing a lot of good work for fever, congrats and keep it up.
    congrats on the rank up! You do a great job keeping the community running smoothly. This community would not be so awesome without you. Thanks for all the time you put into the clan.
    Hey Daddy,
    I spent the day with family, going out for an afternoon lunch, then playing some board games this evening. Thanks for the message. ;)
    You have shown nothing but excellent recruiting methods and deserve this HUGEEEE rankup!
    Do you have what it takes to go through the officer ranks? Apply for OIT! And further help your community!
    So what are your tactics to get people to join?
    Anything you say in particular?
    Keep up the amazing work man!! This is outstanding!!
    Your singing skills are warrant enough for a rank up! But recruiting helps too... Congrats man! :D Thank you for doing all that you do and keep it up. This community is built on solid members such as yourself.
    I see you have done quite a bit of work in the little time that you have been here in Fever, especially when it comes to bringing in the new people! Are you recruiting friends, or recruiting from your games that you play? Whatever it is it seems to be working so keep up the good work Daddy(feels so weird saying that lol)
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