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  • Hey, sorry I just now saw this! I haven't figured out how profiles work on here yet lol. I actually have a group I run with on WoW, so I'm not worried about playing alone. But thank you so much for the welcome! :D
    HAHAHA silly forums its taken me this long to get to here :) Ok so My Daughter started with allot of games but Mine Craft was her thing for a long time. Then on to WOW she went! I cant play wow i dont enjoy it but she plays allot. She used to love the PK aspect but right now she has been doing allot of questing and raids :) She is almost 11 so I am happy to see her moving forward with her understanding of how to handle things etc.

    Have a nice day! :) thanks for the welcome :)
    hey man. thanks for the welcome. my gamertag is Asutton#1640 feel free to add me. see ya soon.
    ty for welcome,it means a lot since im new here. im new in diablo played it for 10-15 days my one and only char is Barb. i also planing to build a monk day. so far im pleasd with barb. i was on european servers (lvl70-paragon625} before i join this clan, and when i switch to americas and realize that nothing goes with me and that i will hawe to do all over again....omg. again, thank you, and ill be glad to play with you.untill then.stay safe
    Hi cozster!

    Thanks for the warm welcome and kind words! I've started playing Diablo 3 at the begining of season 5. My paragon level is 740. I've only played monk for this season. I have 3 monks: one for support, one for T10 speedfarming and one for solo. I also have a level 54 barb but mostly I've played monk for this season. In the upcoming seasons I'll be playing different classes. However, since I'm on EU there aren't many people to hang out with. I might consider playing on NA server next season if there is no latency issue.
    Alright we'll have to play sometime for sure. My favorite roll is definitely assassin. My best heroes are Thrall and Valla, but I can also play a mean Rehgar. What is your battle tag?
    Hey cozster :) thanks for the warm welcome ;) I'm at low level 700's paragon and my dh is my baby :D

    I see that most of the guys are on the NA servers, which makes sense of course, I'm on EU myself seeing as I'm from South Africa. I did try to start out on the American servers, but the lag hit me pretty hard from down here :( I don't think the internets are optimized much for that kind of connection from here... Thus trying to manually add the Fever players that are listed on the d3 page as being on the EU servers ;)

    Who knows, with the new players from places like SA and Estonia, there may even be an EU room in teamspeak soon, same as it is for HOTS :D

    I'll see you in there though ;) Cheers
    Hi coztar, ty for the nice welcome! Im currently NS 1012/S 683 and am mostly playing my DH UE6 tho i do have an ET wizard as well. I do prefer non seasonal but play seasonal for the goodies! Extra tab is a nice shiny reward!

    Again ty for the nice welcome :) Look forward to seeing you in game and ts
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