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  • Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you've had an awesome day today! :cupcake: Remember 365 more days till the next haha! Do you like cake? :ghost:
    Thanks! My favorite class would either be Soldier, Demo, or Scout, what's yours?
    Hey thanks man I appreciate it!! O boy though what a question... not going to lie that definitely took quite a bit of thought and I'm still not entirely sure, mainly because I think there are quite a few options that could potentially have very unique mechanics.
    Quickly thinking about it the 2 I thought would be awesome to play as are:
    1) Cyanigosa (Would be cool to have some sort of large dragon character to select from.. although not sure how they would do his mechanics/abilities but I'm sure he would be badass)
    2) Leeroy Jenkins (This would be a hilarious addition to the game and would result in constant trolling of the enemy team! )

    How bout you? Who would you pick out of them?
    Also feel free to add me at any point if you want to try to play some games at some point in the future. CaptMunchies#1991
    I can play any roll, any hero (Except maybe Muradin and Sonya, I still need work on them.) But, I own all the heroes and have quite a few games played on all of them, and have a high understanding of them as well.
    Hey Co2Noss! Thank you for warm welcome :) ! Thanks, username randomly popped in my mind few years ago, when i was drinking vitamin water :D . I love bf3 also, still playing it, but on pc tho. DayZ is awesome. The more u play it the more u like it. The keyword of this game is "don't strickt to your gear" and just keep looking for some action, when u get that same feeling, then its awesome. :) Hope to see you in DayZ also :) .
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