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    i have reserved the new cod i cant wait i just hate that i finish the games so quickly and i havent found any other fps that i like
    Thanks for the warm welcome!

    I've been programming for ~6 years. I code in mostly Java for my job, but I'm starting to work on a couple minor projects outside of work. Thanks for the heads up, I will check out the jobs section, though I may not want to put in the time until Diablo 3 season 4 starts to wane.
    Hello there Chronic! Looks like you got a rank up for recruiting! :ghost: Sergeant Major here we are, congrats on ranking up. Recruiting for the win, we love getting new faces! Hey, why not put a profile pic?! Remember to change your rank on TeamSpeak, good day! :cupcake:
    congrats on your promotion to Sergeant Major! Good job recruiting What is your favorite game? May the odds ever be in your favor
    Thanks Chronic90, also not sure what you mean by anything to do with trailer park boys so it was probly coincidence haha. I've seen the show / movies but still not sure what you are talking about. Thanks again and have a great day!:)
    i have never played sc2 multiplayer, big fan of 1 and all of warcraft, ive played it single player but id have to get it again cause i lost it when i moved :-/
    Hey man, thanks for the welcome! :D
    I haven't played Starcraft in a while so I'm still a bit rusty (I've not been able to game as much as I would like, lol), but I'll get there!
    I'll add you and we'll see each other on there for sure!
    Thank you. Yeah, I've been playing MOBA's before the Hype really. Old school Dota player here. I still play some WC3 once in a blue and I used to play Age of Empires, C&C, SC 1,2.
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