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  • congrats on your rank up to Private first Class. We love recruiters and I hope you enjoy our community. May the odds ever be in your favor. BTW what is your favorite movie?
    Captain munch munch! Congrats on getting a rank up to Private First Class! Your recruiting skills have given you the promotion! Keep up the awesome work! Random question, what would be your favorite place to travel to? :ghost: Remember to change your rank on TeamSpeak!
    oh there is some i dont figure who that is suppose to be. I cant help it.
    And you are a wise person, to not post under the application section :p
    hahahh yes i saw that, i just figured it was your name >.< I'm smart like that :p
    Honestly, and seriously talking, if someone made a typo/misspelled a name, i always try to find the right person. :)
    So you still got the credit for it.
    Hey dude! I noticed in your sigs, you have an awesome stat sign! Can you please share with me on where you got it and how I can get it also? :D
    Honestly? I want them to add the Starcraft 1 medic as a support. or maybe add Deckard Cain as a Diablo support/specialist
    Welcome to Fever CaptMunchies! Awesome to have another HotS player! If you could have any character from any of the Blizzard games in HotS who would it be and why?
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