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  • welcome back to the feverfamily caity i hope this time your here for good always great too see members come bacj home :D
    Btw Welcome back to Fever Caity!!!! I am glad you chose to come back to us!!!! I have been seeing you quite active in LOL!!! What about Fever's Lol group made you want to come back? If you have any questions or just need a friend feel free to message me!!!
    Cant wait to play, Im there daily so im sure ill see you soon. Feel free to add me in game my username is just Jokerlolz lol
    Don't worry, Fever members support eachother :3 so I'll blow the heads off your enemies u.u
    also I mostly play TERA these days, as lancer. so I guess I'll give them a bash with my shield and a hit with my lance and be done with it. :)

    Pssss.. thankyou :D
    thanks for the welcome ! and sorry for the slow reply, still getting use to the forums. Been playing D3 since vanilla but really became active after launch of RoS. I'm playing a monk this season but plan to level up a Zdps sader as well. How you? what class is you favorite?

    and I'll be sure to add you in game next time I log on
    hi thanks for the greetings no matter late or not! really appreciate it... :D :D :D and yeah i just woke up from a freakin blackout, i think i drunk too much the other day... thanks a lot... ^_^
    You wanna wait until Thursday to play? I'll be doing an event most of the day for new players. It would help if people waited so that we can all be on the same page when leveling and questing . But I am excited you're gonna play
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