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    yo scrub

    yo scrub
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    NA Anyone Playing?

    I'm playing! @kiablo my ign
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    Title / Job changes

    Phoenix_Ace added as Public Relations Coordinator
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    Title / Job changes

    Added KillerClown as Public Relations Coordinator Removed TirusR as Public Relations Coordinator Niine Shiva
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    GWENT has oficially launched! Homecoming and Thronebreaker are here!!!!

    The day is today, the day we waited for, GWENT finally out of beta, in public. Now to craft cards all day with my 145000+ scraps that I got from open beta lmao Thus far Discard is alot of fun to play, also Monsters high/ wildhunt synergy is fun! Haven't got the chance to play Thronebreaker...
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    Title / Job changes

    Phoenix_Ace added as PR Coordinator - Reddit
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    GWENT Open PTR Live now, Homecoming gameplay & my thoughts so far on the new update

    OPEN PTR One can join, download and play the PTR trough here Also yeseterday there was a Homecoming dev stream with gameplay and some card reveals. Alot of new cards are coming from the Thronebreaker game. THRONEBREAKER For those who are wondering what...
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    If you had to chose...

    SMITE shellshock i guess
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    We've Successfully Upgrade the forums!

    Ye dare summon me? (it worked)
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    We've Successfully Upgrade the forums!

    Well it pop up in my alert!
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    Holy, almost everything changed, check out the changes here! Honestly. I don't know if the game will be better or worse with this change. The board does look good but i'm really worried if the game will still be the fun GWENT we knew. Check the vid for the first Hoemcoming reveal, revealing...
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    We've Successfully Upgrade the forums!

    @Bogo your mention worked
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    We've Successfully Upgrade the forums!

    This is great! D: new avatar format tho rip
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    GWENT Challenger #4 this weekend! Big tournament!

    GWENT Challenger #4 is happening this weekend, on September 1st and 2nd – checkout CDPR's Twitch to follow the event live! Skelligers will open their gates to the eight top GWENT players who will compete for the 100.000 USD prize pool, Challenger’s winner title and ring, and a spot in the...