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  • I was a high rank.. then I left because they demoted me while I was on deployment... I really enjoyed this clan.
    ..Mmm i don't know a whole lot of people, and i feel kinda awkard ...Some people are a bit too much for my taste. but im trying in the very least to make friends..
    Thank you for the warm welcome Brian Z. Yes, I have used TS with some clanmates in playing some games. I have good for now, thanks and maybe I will see you on TS some time.
    Hi Brian,

    It's a super late apply... because I just saw it.. hah sorry about that.

    My name is Joon and I just spelled it backwards... + I just added for fun.. hah
    Which games do you play? I'm kind of looking for a game to play other than Diablo 3..
    Yeah i have gotten to know a couple of people so far and i find it pretty chill so far :)
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