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  • Hello there , sorry for the late reply i had my b-day going on so i wasnt even near my home nor PC , but ye ive been playing WoW since Vanilla , the only expansion i didnt play was Pandaria , ive preordered Legion already , and in WotLK iwas streaming and Wrathfull season i got the gladiator with shadow prist , i like to PvE aswell dont get me wrong :D
    Thanks! Good to be here. I've had the game since the beginning, but only really started playing seriously when RoS came out. I've played WD as my main for every season, but this time around I figured I'd try something new and rolled a barb. It's okay so far, but I still think I like WD more. How about you?
    You seem cool. Play Hearthstone against me one day. Glyssa#1811 (;
    Noooiceeeee! Never really got much into Hearthstone, but I'll definitely be grinding on Diablo once the new season starts.
    Ahh, sweet! Indeed this place is awesome, it's been quite a while since I've been in any sort of clan so having this multitude of resources is going to take a little while to get use to. You into D3/HotS?
    Thanks! I'm super excited to join you guize! This is by far the largest gaming community I've ever joined, so I'm naturally ecstatic about making new friends and finding a good group to game with! I'm guessing you're my Platoon Leader? Forgive me if I use the wrong terminology, still getting use to the Fever format. xP
    Welcome to Fever Clan Begrimed! You've got a new home for finding other people just like you when it comes to finding a good mix of game players who understand the balance required between our gaming time and life's other activities. I think you and I are alike in that I have found that a gaming community/clan needs to be much more than just a gathering place for hardcore gamers or casual gamers. We have so much more here at Fever, and I'm sure you will find that it's a great mix to be a part of. :)

    Maybe while you're taking a break from gaming, you'll have time to enjoy the Forum section, where we have a lot of good forums/sub-forums. I've noticed already that you have been active posting to the HearthStone threads that are out there, and starting new ones as well. That's awesome! I love it when we get new members that jump right in. We all work our way there eventually, but it's nice to see you posting on the game you're playing most right now. Make sure you check out other forums too. I'd be curious to see what you might post in some of the other forums/sub-forums like Fitness, TV&Movies, and maybe just balancing things with work and downtime.

    If you need anything or have questions, please reach out to me and everyone as we are here to help. Should I get myself back into HS maybe you can help me out with my decks too!

    Welcome again Begrimed. Good to have you here!
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