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  • Welcome to Fever clan my friend and family.
    So my name is Costakilla and I'm here to help understand the clan or answer any questions you have for me.

    Shooter Forums
    MOBA(I play leauge so if you ever wanna hit me up on that then my IGN is Costakilla18)
    Misc. Games

    So in the clan we do tend to give out rewards and if you want to see them for yourself and you want to achieve them then this is the link you will find that have requests for some rewards and how you can achieve them.

    But if your not interested in the awards then we have a Competition Central you can always check out and there are a lot people that play CS:GO and they play competitively so you like that kind of stuff then hit this one up.
    Competition Central

    But if you have any trouble with any of this and you would like some help them feel free and it is free to hit me up. No shipping and handling, No 19.95 per word i say nothing it is free to hit me up. Lol i thought I would put some humor in this.

    Clan Mate ,
    Costakilla - God of the killas.
    Hi Mimi! I've always been interested in FEAR Online and I saw that you played it! Any impressions and tips you could give me? Should I check it out? :)
    Hello friend. There was something uniquely special about this clan when
    I first arrived and I'm sure you share that same sentiment with me. Never
    before I have found a community so warm in it's welcome, so generous in
    it's consideration of others, and so fun in it's natural core. There are
    treasures, bonds and memories to be found and created here. Give it the
    chance and you will be amazed by what you discover. It'll feel like you've
    been a part of the family your whole life. Are you ready?
    So what would you like to do first? Your options are diverse and you will surely
    find something to sink your teeth into. Let us go over them, shall we?

    Show yourself off to the clan and meet others in our Fever Introduction Forum.
    Take advantage of in-clan currency for amazing items & games at Fever Coins.
    Want to become part of our fantastic support team? We update jobs regularly.
    Curious to find out how our ranking system works? Earn your stripes, private.

    Of course, first and foremost, we are a gaming clan family that caters to every
    genre. Whether you're looking for a retro single player RPG or a group of players
    to build with, you are guaranteed to find something and someone to play with.
    Branching off from that, you can find our specialized forums as follows;

    Got the rush to make every shot count? Lock and load, soldier.
    Jungler, support, carry, top.. Whatever your role is, look no further.
    Looking for party members to run that dungeon with? Loot drops here.
    Macro your build, Micro your units and launch your real time strategy.
    Look at the overworld, manage your city's wealth and conquer your enemies.
    Live on Xbox? Networking on Playstation? Mobile arcade? Next stop; Misc Games.
    Prove your worth and test your mettle against the Competition Central.
    As a family that places a great importance on communication and building
    strong ties with one another, we go to great lengths to provide a means
    in which members can stay connected and playing with one another.

    --- Steam --- Facebook --- Youtube --- Twitter ---

    Many of our members take advantage of the useful Tapatalk.
    This neat little application allows you to browse the clan forums via
    a simple to navigate interface. What are you waiting for, tech savvy.
    No matter where you find yourself, always know that you are now part
    of the clan, the community, the family. We are here to take the fun and
    tenfold it. There's never a dull moment on the forums and there are
    plenty of bad jokes on teamspeak. Don't be afraid to contact me
    personally, private message or on my wall. Consider me your first
    friend here! You'll find me hanging about all over the forums.
    So buckle up, friend. You're not going to want to miss this ride.
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