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  • Thank you for the greetings! If I had to convince you to play I'd say that if you're looking for a casual game as a time filler this game works for you and can be very addictive over time. I've been playing it since it came out and have enjoyed every moment of it. I dabble in D3 and might get back into it.
    yeah i got really into wow again xD it has a way of drawing me back. but i have seen you on d3. and grats on pulling close to 1000 :D i will be coming back for at least awhile in s5 so i will definitely see you there
    Thanks for your message! I have been trying to get back to everyone that send me a welcome message and say thank you hah the clan is so damn welcoming that its taken me some time to manage it!
    so far I'm very impressed with the clan and cant wait to see the starcraft side of the clan get up and running!
    Thanks again for your welcome message and you shall see me around!
    hey BamBam, I will online later today, and send the request for the in game clan. I am not sure if i will be lagging or not. I have good internet speeds but from EU to NA will be challenging to play. I mainly play DH / Monk, maybe next season i will try others for the set dungeons.

    Cheers and see you later!
    Gratz on your promotion to 1LT!
    Nice work in our D3 section, keep it up ;)
    congratz on the promotion! keep up the good work within the d3 community man.

    |Fever| heybob |MG| Company Commander Diablo 3
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