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  • Thanks for the welcome BamBam, I usually mix it up every season but i always have a support barb cause you need one for group play. Currently trying to gear a support WD.
    Hey Bam!

    To answer your questions I have been playing D3 for now 3 months! Yep I am new lol. My favorite class to play is a barb! I have a level 70 character but I am working on paragons and still learning how to get my armor through doing rifts. I still have a lot to learn! Thanks so much for the warm welcome! But I love season five!
    hi hi and ty for the welcome ^~^ and yeah tryna finish the season 5 with a WD still got some key items i need to farm but it's going well so far. btw sorry for the late reply still tryna figure this forum out XD
    hey whatsup man! i myself have been playing WoW since about BC, more towards the end of it when i was roughly 5. My main toon that i always like playing is my Death knight, Delerio, which is what i use for about everything ever since i made him back in WOTLK. My main highlight is always playing with friends. back in cata and mop my guild a little group of about 5-10 people including myself that would run everything from old wrath dungeons to raiding current content. i am definitely looking forward to Legion as WoD was an extreme disappointment to me, which is why i kind of use diablo 3 as my fallback game.
    Thank you for the warm message. I am currently playing diablo 3 but could be perswaided to play any game.
    I play a barb right now and at lvl 200 paragons. Hope to see you around.
    Hey man, I played D3 since it came out on and off. S2 mostly and S4 before this season. I play a wiz and its tons of fun. Barb looks fun too I might roll a sup. See you out there!
    Thank you for the welcome message. I have been playing D3 almost since the beginning. I played a stormshield barb and cloud of bats WD in the beginning. Its nice to see that the cloud of bats WD is making a comeback. Currently I am playing a WD in this season, i hope to see you in game.
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