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  • I played a bunch of Civ5. Also played a lot of Beyond Earth both before and after the DLC. I liked them, just prefer CivIII.
    I had a good time chatting as well, and thanks for being the first person to just pop in randomly and have a chat I found that very welcoming. The highest rank i've had in csgo was Supreme, but that was with the old ranking system, i've recently started playing csgo again so my rank has dropped down to MG1 but im going to work my way up again im sure.

    Thanks again for the chat the other day in teamspeak. You should definitely pick up BDO sometime, i'd be happy to make a new character and show you around the game sometime.
    My favorite is CivIII, but I've been playing since the very first one came out. I actually bought Civ 1 and had to wait three months to play it because I had to upgrade my EGA card to a VGA card.... Old school!

    Anyway, I've played all of them, but I probably play Civ III the most. I have not yet purchased Civ 6 as I mostly enjoy PVE, and I've read horrible, horrible things about the AI in that one.

    As for D&D, I've been playing that even longer than Civilization, and each game is going to be different based upon the DM for sure.

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
    Heya Ballbuster
    I play roadhog normaly as my secondary and love his tankiness along with high damage. He is REALLY good in my opinion; however I play genji a lot as he takes out supports with ease. :)
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