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    Wolcen IGN's

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    FFXIV Roll Call!

    Ori Gami on Sargatanas-Aether. I’m on for an hour or so after work Monday - Friday 5-7pmish est and weekends from early morning to however long I feel like if there’s no errands or plans to go out.
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    A Final Fantasy Section Reborn!

    Oh and meant to add I’m “Ori Gami” in game.
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    A Final Fantasy Section Reborn!

    I’m on Sargatanas server which I think is (Aether?) been dabbling back and forth in game. Burnout has been real and everyone I use to play with quit just about.
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    So did you win the GR 70 Primal lottery or did you strike out?

    I’m on the switch. My gr 70 drop was an exarian which was trash but then after closing the rift I did gamble some sweet hammer jammers from Kadala. So I call that a win.
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    Anyone gonna be playing season 16 on the switch?

    Been pushing hard with my sader. I’ll add you to friends list today after I workout. Trying to clean up my seasons journey’s goals and then back to gr pushing. Managed to solo push 88 yesterday with crap gear and low level gems. If you wanna tag up we can and I can help push a bit. Hard to do...
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    Battlefield 5

    You can find me under “Bagelnauts”. I play quite a bit when I have the time to. Currently can’t wear a proper headset due to my right ear still healing from a recent surgery done. But I’d love to join up with a few people and run some games as a squad.
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    Anyone gonna be playing season 16 on the switch?

    I actually was gonna push the start of season 16 on the switch myself as a Crusader.
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    D3 on the Switch?

    I have it pre ordered. This will make my 4th copy of the game. One for each platform. I’m a sad man.
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    October Promotions (Round 1)

    Thank you thank you. Hopefully you'll be seeing me more on the mic when the wasteland arrives next month~ Until then generalized toaster jams!
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    Fallout 76 Player Roster

    I'll be there probably day one. As long as amazon gets my copy here that day. As for the BETA, not sure if i'll play it or not. I generally avoid them and wait for the official releases.
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    Battlefield 5

    So who all else is going to get this game? I feel like I lack the companions for a squad based shooter but I always tag into my battlefield games <3
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    Deals of the Day/Week! old classic. Has just about everything. Updates very often as well.
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    We've Successfully Upgrade the forums!

    So slick, like we've all been rick rolled!
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    About how many active players on the Mal'ganis Horde Guild currently? I know there's cross realm partying as well, and I don't know how active i'll be outside of being pretty casual (got my highmountain tauren hunter to 112 today after leveling it from scratch a little before launch of BFA...