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    Hi Axle! Can you or someone else please delete my Twilight Sparkle97 account? I want to cancel my registration. I don't know much about Fever Clan. I shouldn't have registered an account if I don't know much about it. Not only that, but my birthday is incorrect. I purposely put my birthday as June 14, 2006 because I wanted to see if I would've been banned due to underage. Can you or some else delete my account? Thanks!
    Hi, Axle... Violet had mentioned that you might need someone to help out in recruiting for Diablo. I might be able to help, but I have limited time right now..... I would be best with posting stuff periodically as needed. What are you looking for?
    Greetings Axle

    Id say you came at good time for diablo 3,among of a few other games that you play. So when you jump into ts youll find a bunch of people in a few of popular games. With overwatch as well,there are events that are done to get members together for some competitive fun.

    Other than that,youll find it great to hang out with a bunch of us here with chatting and gaming.
    Welcome to FeverClan, Axle :D My name is Angel! I hope that you can find your niche here and enjoy your time ^-^

    I noticed that your main game is Diablo 3 :D What about it makes you love playing it the most? I played the tutorial and, even though I didn't have the time for it to buy it, I did enjoy it. It's a super cool game and I think it's interesting that the season makes you get different gear. It reminds me of raids xP Which of the classes do you like? I think I tried the Demon Hunter and it was really fun. If you could tell someone that never played it one thing to make them interested, what would you say to them?

    Here are some links you might find useful :D -- This is the Diablo 3 thread :D -- Here, you can find the Fever weekly issues that give a variety of information about what's going on here :D

    If you ever need anything, please feel free to message me~! I'll do whatever I can to help you ^-^

    Angel out =p
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