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  • Nice nice, ill do that and see if it stops moving me. Does Fever have a clan in D3 should i just search for it and apply?
    Thanks :) i like the Huntsman knife in CSGO but to be honest i don't really have any of the skins as i played 1.3 and 1.6 a lot more than GO. Probably cause i had a clan in those times. D3 i play a Demom Hunter. I need to start playing more again but i am kinda more in to hearthstone right now as i feel i can play less time and still get a descent win rate. Thanks for the invite, i was sitting in the Hearthstone chan in TS but it times me out after 20 mins which is annoying and moves me to AFK. Are you going to play seasons on D3? i think there is a new one starting soon?!?
    Sweet thanks for the invite. I play all sorts of games besides CSGO and TF2. Currently my rank was taken me for being inactive during October, but my rank was MG2. (I know not the best in the world) Something to know is that I mostly play on weekends and I not a fan of using my mic. I and more of a quiet and concentrated person when playing CSGO. Other than that, I looking forward to Comp in CSGO somtime. Thanks!

    Sure...but I dont play CS:GO anymore..Just D3 and Dota 2 most of times. Thought since I have a family now my playtime is very limited. If I ever catch you online I would be glad to play some games with you too.
    I gave you a double rankup for your work on the recruiting team. Keep it up!
    I would also love to play with you sometime but right now I only have diablo on xbox 360 :blue:
    Sounds like a plan , I'll try to play during the week , cause school has be busy a lot . But I'm able to maintain , weekends are perfect , and school breaks
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