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  • Hey Apoc,

    I mainly play DH / Monk in D3, and ADC or supp in LoL.
    I played supp Sona until i got into Gold. Some might say I cheesed Sona into gold.
    I will start at the new season for both. Until then I play ARAM, and other RPG (Witcher 3).
    It will be a challenge to play on the US server with 200+ ping :((. We will see.

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    As you can see, internet is good, but from EU to US, ping will be an issue.
    This will not stop me.

    See you on the Rift / Sanctuary!
    Thanks Apoc,

    Glad to have joined. I have played all clases but a crusader this past year, mainly playing a monk and barb during season 4. I am planning on starting season 5 up and pushing for the challenges + high great rifts. For WoW I will have to say WOtLK, as it was when I started and the one I played in full (Holy Paladin ICC Heroic was a blast). I still dabble with WoW and will come back to the next expac for sure!
    Alrite, thanks. Gonna join in the guild atleast in next seasons start. I'm not sure if im gonna start to play before season end
    My favorite Hero in Heroes of the Storm is easily between Azmodan and Tassadar, I love Heroes that allow for more mistakes, like missing dunks, missing stacks, missing Force Walls, and luckily my mistakes here are in healthy supply :p . In Starcraft I play Zerg, because FOR THE SWARM! I love being super swarmy and being able to win by just taking half of the map with creep and overwhelming them with mutalisks after a good few baneling hits. See you in Teamspeak!
    In heroes it is a tossup between Nova and the Terran medic character whose name blanks on me, as for SC2 on coop I usually play as Swann.
    Thanks man!

    I've played mostly Arthas, Jaina, Valla and Raynor in past but now found myself Sonya and Diablo. So im assasin/warrior main. I'm rank1 with +3,2k mmr, i play only solo HL but i might come to play QM sometimes or TL if we get team. And you?

    I'm gonna play D3 in next season, i quitted D3 to PoE due to stupid meta. I played DH mostly so this season was dissapointed for DH players :( I hope DH will get buffed up for next season! Is there a Fever Clan in D3? When new season starts? When they release patch notes/PTR?

    Add me bnet: FrozenZoul#2964
    Thanks for the welcome :) Hmm my favorite call of duty would probably be black ops 1 because it was my first real call of duty that i really got into and i loved the zombies in it. Yeah i was thinking about giving counter strike ago, but i never got around to it. Yeah i must start talking to people on ts.
    I've played a monk since day one of release hut lately I've been all. Over the place trying to find what I enjoy most. I need to find a group. To play with that can kind of help. Limit what I should do and give myself a roll. In hearthstone intend to play my secret paladin and token paladin decks most. I do want to make a mill mage deck soon though.
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