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  • Thanks for welcoming me , i like Smite more than the other rts mobas out there i rather take full control of my character and just clicking- My favorite knife skin is Falchon knife , probably doppler - Yeah i dont mind playing with lower ranks or higher ranks in CS:GO , i recently dropped a rank realising it doesnt really matter that much !
    Im also alot in the Smite section in teamspeak , we could sure play Smite and/or CSGO together sometime.
    Thank you very much for the welcome. I will be playing both games rather heavily once the seasons start up. As far as roles, I prefer the melee (barb, crus, monk) heroes in D3 and am silver ranked top/adc main-alt in LoL. I usually join into the teamspeak servers regardless if I'm playing with a group or not. You'll most likely see me online. If you do, feel free to just shoot me an invite to either game or drop a new game you recommend me to try out. Always looking to expand my horizons.
    Greetings Apoc99!!!

    Thanks for the welcoming, I will play the next season, I want a monk I think, not sure, about Hearthstone I play Handlock warlock for now and yeah I would like to play with you.
    I try to be on everyday in TeamSpeak , just need to find you someday ahahahaha, take care and thanks for dropping by!
    Hey Apoc99 :)
    I think HOTS will be a constantly growing MOBA game, because they can expand their hero-pool almost endless. Furthermore with Overwatch there will be even more players who use the BattleNet Launcher and will see HOTS...
    I would be happy if we could play together a few quickmatches or maybe a 1b1 ;D?
    Just poke me on the TS or write a PM :)
    cu, Kira182
    Up until now I have only played HC. Because of this, I always played Barb. However this season I will be going to SC to play with clan and will probably be rolling a WD.

    Will be great to play some games with you. I have enjoyed the clan thus far.
    Greetings yourself, Apoc!

    Dirty Bomb is my choice of FPS games...I tried COD, CS:GO, but neither of them just seemed to click with me. Then I find this other FPS that is still in open beta, and I haven't been able to stop playing it. It's really a fantastic model, and the community around it is one of the best I've been a part of because it's so new. I actually joined Fever with the hopes to be able to play it socially with others, and then I check TS and see that nobody is usually active there...:p

    Anyway, yeah. Also, those dudes in my profile picture are professional wrestlers. (I know, I know. I'm a nerd.)

    Hope to see you around!
    I'd love to play with you sometime man. Doesn't matter what rank. I am 3.5k mmr in dota and lem in CS GO! Hbu???
    Hmm good questions! Favorite deck is Zoo. Favorite knife is Karambit. Rank in HS is 11, in CSGO is Global. Ranks don't matter to me, and I'm pretty sure my CSGO rank expired after retiring from my last team. I'm down to play whatever man just get ahold of me!
    Hey Apoc69, im currently playing solo WD and support heal monk. i plan to play WD in season 5 and currently looking for a dedicated group to speed level with. I read a lot of guides for leveling and i have planned everything for my speed leveling. So feel free to hit me up anytime.
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