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  • Hiya Apoc! Nice to be here and meet you too! I do play D3, and should hopefully be around for the next season! I think I kind of missed the boat on this season, so I'm ready and rearing to go for next season! And I have all of the CS games (1.6, Source, and GO), and have played them all, but I'm mainly playing CS:GO as that seems to be the huge trend nowadays! I'll definitely be on the TeamSpeak playing around with everyone soon, I'm unfortunately not around my main gaming computer at the moment for the holidays! But I do appreciate the welcome and the knowledge that I can always come to you if I need anything! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and have a fantastic new year!
    Congratulations on your double Rank Up to 1SG! Thanks and keep up the great work!

    I liked Cataclysm the best. It was the only time in my entire life that I got to raid with my best friend (Dragon Soul) since he didn't play long. I definitely will be playing next season, that's why I was looking for like-minded people to play with. And my favorite WoW class is healing (usually as a Druid) but healing is my favorite class. In Diablo3 it's probably the Demon Hunter since day 1. I hop in Teamspeak when I'm available and have numerous times already, thanks for the greeting and I hope you had a great holiday.
    Hello Apoc99,

    I was speaking with Muldred I Teamspeak yesterday and he was saying that the D3 branch is in the process of a re-org / prep for S5 but I have already joined the community so grouping should be fairly easy. I cannot say that I have a favorite class yet. I have only two of the current four seasons with any degree of seriousness but will probably be a season-only player going forward. In vanilla D3, I played a Wizard for over 400 hours, in S2 I rolled a DH which is now specced to MS, in S3 I tried to play to a Sader but got bored without a group and deleted it, and in S4 I ran a U6 monk but changed him to SC a few weeks ago. With S5, I am leaning towards a WD for a main but may run multiple toons (healing monk, sader, or barb) if I have time. If I do the tanking alts, I will be making extensive use of the rebirth function debuting in 2.4. As a general rule, I am trying to main a different class for every season until I have one of each in my roster. Either way, I will be Teamspeak quite a bit so I will catch you there.

    Hi there!

    Sorry for the late response, I didn't see this until now! I typically play wizard but have been venturing into other classes. I definitely plan on playing next season. How about yourself? I hope to play with you as well! Feel free to add me in game, klee#1785, talk to you soon!
    MY fav diablo class is monk i will be playing next season help my squad out, on wow i am Naricalastar of OKT-Lothar Second in command of the oldest guild in the genius book of records i heard u all ned help getting things back together well u have me now :p im on my break where we rotate out but when i come back i more thren happy to help yall out ill just need to know what server ur on and we can start organizing raid etc
    Hey! Thank you for the warm welcome. At the moment I am using Tempo Mage. (You should have seen when I turn 4 lethaled this person). I like the solo adventures though some bosses frustrated me. If you want to play add me on battlenet Glyssa#1811. See you around. :)
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