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  • I also play Bloodline Champions, it's not so popular... but i like the engine, gameplay etc... I can show it to you sometime, if interested..
    Hey sorry I haven't responded, I've been abroad for the past couple of weeks. I'm home now, and looking forward to playing with everyone. I'm pretty casual, I mostly play my non-season demon hunter. I'll see you around :)
    Hiya Apoc thanks for the message Yep I will be playing seasons. Fav expansion hands down was BC. I pretty much always play a Paladin type class is most of my games so my dawf paladin is my main. Warlock is my alter ego class on wow kinda that light/dark yin/yang thing lol..
    Thanks! I will absolutely be playing in s5! Right now (and since D2, honestly) I love playing Barbarians, and have reached para 360 since starting back up 2 weeks ago. I look forward to seeing you in game!
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