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  • Hey Angelsoul,

    Sorry that I'm only answering now. I didn't realize that I had so many pm's. I play all Diablo characters and I've been playing more and more League of legends recently as well as CS GO. What games do you play?

    See you in TS!

    Yeah, like I said look me up on your all's TS. We are usually looking for more players to play and our guild of people is about 90 players strong right now. If you want to play, let me know, and I can help you get to the table.
    Hey Angel. I'd totally be down to shoot the breeze with you on favorite DnD moments. I've played both the tabletop and the online version (and online tabletop versions). Right now I play an Dwarven Invoker who worships the god of the elves, A Minotaur Paladin who is a pirate and talks with a thick russian accent, An Ardent|Battlemind Valley girl with a psionic chip on her shoulder, a creepy old hobgoblin bard with a half dozen pet squirrels and a happy-go lucky Satyr lightning sorcerer who sold his soul to the devil for mad flute skills.

    I'll be on TS for a while, if you want to chat pop down and let me know.
    I've been playing for years and have a lot of stories. I've done a ton of DMing (I've DMed for over 3000 players) so picking the funniest thing would be a hard-fought competition between a lot of great moments.

    Thanks for the welcome!
    Hey! I try to play competitively but gets boring playing by yourself. Have mostly played normals though. Grimmjow and Urahara are my favorite for bleach. My favortie champions from league are probably wukong and volibear, wukong was the first champ i ever bought and was the new one to come out when i started playing for the first time. Wish I could buy skins, but could never really afford to do that sadly. Do have a few skins though from freebies and friend gifts and what not. Always down to play though, same IGN if you want to add me :)
    You totally should play Dark Souls if you have a PS4/Xbox control or similar, the game control like poop on Mouse and Keyboard. The neat thing about the last few StarCraft updates is that they added announcer packs for in game, and Alarak and Abathur are among the few, so naturally I purchased both. :)
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