Tier 4 | Heads

Enlisted Promotions Head

Enlisted Promotions Head:

  • Promotes enlisted members based on forum activity on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Removes inactive enlisted members based on rank and how long they’ve been inactive on a monthly basis.

Donations Head

Head of Donations:

  • Drives donations into FeverClan
  • Ensures donations are counted and credited appropriately
  • Runs Donation Contests (usually monthly)

Awards Council Head

Awards Council Head:

  • Ensures awards are being promptly handed out and works with the awards council, imagineering members, and GFX members to create new awards as the community takes on newer games.

Gaming Management Head

Gaming Management Head:

  • Ensures all relevant games are being supported by FeverClan.
  • Responsible for aiding companies in growth and activity.
  • Guides the companies to follow the most current clan policies.

Staff Training Head

Staff Training Head:

  • Ensures clan members have been trained in their positions.
  • Reviews Training material to better train our members and officers.

Recruiting Head

Recruiting Head:

  • Ensures the recruiting department is working hand in glove with the Gaming Management Head, finding forums for new games Fever wants to establish itself in.
  • Makes sure the recruiting team members workload, activity, and quality of posts are up to par with Fever standards.

MoTF Head

Master of the Forums Head:

  • Ensures that the forums, stickies, and rosters are being kept up to date.
  • Deletes the bulk of the spam scattered on the forums.

Content Creator Head

  • Ensures that content for the forums and front page is being created.
  • Works with department members in ensuring quality over quantity standards are held.

Fever Weekly Head

Fever Weekly Head:

  • Makes sure the Fever Weekly is being posted once a week.

Imagineering Head

Imagineering Head:

  • Creating the latest and greatest ideas within Fever.
  • Directs the flow of the stages with current projects.

Coin System Head

Coin System Head:

  • Manages the coin system and delegates coins to participants of game night hosts.

Head of Public Relations

Head of PR:

Manages social media and public relations for FeverClan including, but not limited to.

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • Twitter

Tier 3 | Directors

Fever Weekly Director

Fever Weekly Director:

  • Publishes the finished weekly once a week.
  • Finds new members for the department & assigns them articles.
  • Thinks of new content to add/take away from the weekly.

Content Creator Director

Content Creation Director:

  • Finds new members for the department.
  • Checks quality of posts & assigns members to certain sections of this choosing.

Company Commander

Company Commander:

  • Ensuring the survival and growth of a specific game section.
  • Tasked with recruiting & staff building for that game.
  • Directing meetings, tasks, activities, game nights, and other events.
  • Usually tasked with leading multiple officers & members.

Recruiting Director

Recruiting Coordinator:

  • Charged with adding members to the section and assigning them threads.
  • Helps the department Head find new forums for Fever to get involved with.
  • Monitors the activity of the members.

Awards Council Director

Awards Council Director:

  • Finds members for the department.
  • Hands out awards that have been verified by other dept members.
  • Helps think of new ideas for awards.

Coin System Director

Coin System Director:

Staff Training Director

Staff Training Director:

Clan Social Director

Clan Social Director:

  • Finds members for the department.
  • Plans & hosts events.

Tier 2 | Coordinators & Assistant Directors

Assistant Company Commander

Assistant Company Commander:

  • Right hand of the Company Commander, aid’s in daily tasks as well as various odd jobs such as updating rosters or culling the in-game clans/chats.

Fever Weekly Editor

Fever Weekly Editor:

  • Actively makes sure all articles have been sent in on time.
  • Pieces the weekly together & edits for errors.

Content Creator Coordinator

Content Creator Coordinator:

  • Finds new members for the department.
  • Ensures members are posting content as well as post content themselves.

Recruiting Coordinator

Recruiting Coordinator:

  • Finds members for their specific section.
  • In charge of a specific genre of game (MOBA, MMO, etc)
  • Finds new threads for their section.
  • Ensures members are bumping their assigned threads and bumping unassigned threads themselves.

Tier 1 | Associates

Content Creation

Content Creation:

  • Aid in producing content for our forums through creating threads, guides, and replies to previously posted threads.
  • Content creating helps get the Fever name out on the internet and provides the crucial role of not only keeping our forums active and ripe with content for browsing but also; subsequently, recruiting as well.



  • Recruiting members are the Kanabō to the companies’ Oni, the ones who seek out potential recruits at different sources, usually other forums, to help grow the community.
  • Members are responsible for keeping Fever threads towards the top of other forums for maximum exposure.
  • The LFG team hunts down individuals that post ‘looking for group’ messages and invite them to join our community.



  • Officers are required to be able to aid in the processing of applicants.
  • These interviews should take anywhere from 5-10 minutes.
  • The training involved includes listening in on an interview by someone already able to conduct ‘solo’ interviews (a trainer) / conducting one with a trainer
  • A cheat sheet for applications is pinned in the officer’s chat of Discord.

Game Nights

Game Nights:

  • These represent Fever’s bread and butter. Without active and consistent game nights being held all other jobs are in vain.
  • These game nights take on the form of in-house custom events, coordinated raiding times, or simply an established time for members to come online and group up.

Playing Admin

Playing Admin:

  • The in-game officer presence of Fever. Playing Admin’s help keep order when necessary, invite new members to the in-game chats/guilds, and keep a positive and active presence in game.