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      haha hey you! ^^
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      Good job on recruiting! I gave you a rank up! Keep it up!
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      Keep it up man
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      Good job on recruiting! I gave you a rank up! Kepp it up!
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    7. Hello Silent and welcome to fever! home of the gamers, congrats joining the pandemic I have really enjoyed my time here in fever and I think you will love it, especially if you're a social person this is the place for you, I'm going on 3 weeks in fever and I have already had so many experience I can't even remember! such as clutch moments, good laughs almost every night! So welcome to fever and I hope to see you around in the survival FPS section some day

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      Hello and welcome to the place that might be the new home for you. It can be active is various places,and its a place to relax or spend some time gaming with others.Dont fret if its trouble at first to find some people at first. Just get your feet wet , and talk to people around here.

      Everyone is laid back and most people wont mind having a nice conversation.
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      Hallo! SilentTheBro!

      It's a pleasure to be the first to welcome you to |Fever| Clan!

      I'm ender and i've been a member of |Fever| for quite a while now, and i've enjoyed every minute of it. I came to |Fever| because I was looking for a thriving, mature community based on respect where I could meet lots of people that love gaming like I do, and I found exactly that here.

      Now that you know a little about me, i'd like for myself and the rest of |Fever| Clan to get to know more about you. The best way for that, is to post in the Introductions page. it doesn't take more than a few minutes but really helps connect you with other like-minded |Fever| Members.

      For an easy way to stay connected to the forums from your mobile device and post quickly, try tapatalk

      One of the best ways to get ahead and contribute to |Fever| Clan is by signing up for one of the many Current and Available Fever Jobs. Most are super easy and require very little time.

      Work?!? Not really, but you can get paid for doing just about anything (including playing games and participating in contests) with Fever Coins. You can use these to buy games, sell them for real money, or even change another member's nickname!

      I'm sure you'll soon be shooting up the Ranks & Promotions through all your dedication to |Fever| Clan. As you progress you will earn more rewards and be allowed to take on more responsibility. I trust you will use both wisely.

      Don't forget to always keep to the |Fever| Standard. If you ever need anything, just let me know via private message (PM) or catch me on Teamspeak (usually in one of the MOBA channels). Hope to see you in game, in Teamspeak, and on the forums.

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    Names Kyle, I'm a 22 year old gamer. I have a pretty boring life lol. If theres anything you want to know, just ask.
    United States, REDACTED
    Gaming, spending time with loved ones, photoshop.
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