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      Welcome to Fever!

      How are you today? Just popping by to say hello and to welcome you to the Fever Clan. I've not been here long myself (a couple of months) but I'm loving being here. So many great people and such an inclusive community.

      How is Heroes treating you? Do you play ranked? I've never ventured into it, but I do enjoy a casual game from time to time.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, If you have any questions or just fancy a chat I'll be around all day and I'm always just a message away.

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      Greetings NicsunBE! -

      My name is Requ1em & I noticed that your a Heroes Of The Storm player! I've been a lover of Blizzard games for many years & it's great to see another addition to the Fever family when it comes to one of the best MOBA games in town! Allow me to offer you some links on the website that might help you meet some fellow Fever Heroes Of The Storm Players! What are some current content elements that you enjoy about the game? Do you think it is improving?

      - The Fever Heroes Of The Storm Forum
      - The Fever IGN / Battle Tag / Server Thread
      - The Fever Heroes OF The Storm Mandatory Information Thread

      I hope these links help you get settled in and I look forward to getting some games in with you! Once again, Welcome to the community!

      - req
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      Welcome to the FeverClan Gaming Community!

      Hello there! My name is Josh, I'm a member of Fever, and the greetings team within Fever! I thought I'd help you a little by adding the following links, these should help you get acquainted with the FeverClan forums reasonably quickly.

      • A great way to start is with an introduction, make the other members aware of who you are and what you like, you can find a link to this here.
      • There are also many jobs in Fever that are voluntary, but help the clan in more ways then you realise, and most of them can be a lot of fun. You can find a full list of them here.
      • As I'm sure you are aware, there is a ranking system in Fever that follows suit with the US military style ranking, if you are confused by anything in the ranks, there is a thread that explains a bit more here.
      • Finally, there is a special reward system that Fever has had for a very long time, it works around something known as "Fever Coins", you can find a list of methods of earning these coins and what to spend them on here.

      Any questions you may have can be directed at me, feel free to message me or look for me on Team Speak (I'm usually in the Hot Tub when I'm online!). I'll try my hardest to help, or at least direct you towards someone who can.
      Also, feel free to hop into the "User Help Center" as mentioned in your interview, this will notify someone when you need help!

      I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and hopefully we can speak sometime!
      Best of luck to your future endeavours in Fever,
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    NicsunBE has 2070Fever Coins

    [2017-04-12 12:52:40] +10 Reason: New Post
    [2017-04-09 19:19:10] +200 Reason: Double Rankup
    [2017-03-29 12:10:13] +50 Reason: New Thread
    [2017-03-27 14:28:27] +10 Reason: New Post
    [2017-03-26 09:37:56] +200 Reason: Double Rankup
    [2017-03-12 18:07:40] +1000 Reason: Manually added by Atakapa
    [2017-03-11 09:44:25] +200 Reason: Double Rankup
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    [2017-02-18 04:05:01] +50 Reason: New Thread
    [2017-02-17 13:49:07] +100 Reason: Joined the clan, accpeted by SilentTheBro

    Awards Showcase - 7 Awards

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    Addicted! Addicted! Name: Addicted!
    Awarded for playing 300 or more hours on a single game.
    Issue Time: 02-28-2017, 03:54 PM
    Issue Reason:
    OldSchool OldSchool Name: OldSchool
    Awarded for creating a profile/account 5 years ago or more on any platform.
    Issue Time: 02-28-2017, 03:54 PM
    Issue Reason:
    RPG Superior Skills RPG Superior Skills Name: RPG Superior Skills
    Complete 3 out of 4 of the RPG awards
    Issue Time: 02-28-2017, 03:55 PM
    Issue Reason:
    The Epic Award The Epic Award Name: The Epic Award
    Complete one of the following:
    DCUO- Achieve a CR Rating of 85+
    GW2- Obtain/Equip a Legendary Weapon
    PoE- Kill Atziri
    Issue Time: 02-28-2017, 03:54 PM
    Issue Reason:
    The Achievement Award The Achievement Award Name: The Achievement Award
    Complete one of the following:
    DCUO- Achieve 300 Feats.
    GW2- 100% Map Completion - Gained the Title "Been there, Done That"
    PoE- Get a master to level 8 on temporary league
    Issue Time: 02-28-2017, 03:55 PM
    Issue Reason:
    The Level Award The Level Award Name: The Level Award
    Achieve one of the following:
    DCUO- Achieve level 30
    GW2-Achieve Level 80
    PoE- Achieve level 80 on hardcore temporary league
    Issue Time: 02-28-2017, 03:55 PM
    Issue Reason:
    Golden Hero Golden Hero Name: Golden Hero
    Awarded to members who have obtained a master skin.
    Issue Time: 02-25-2017, 10:54 PM
    Issue Reason: