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    gratz on the promo to SSG!!! See you in game.

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    Congratz on the promo to CPL GHOST_AQC!!! Thanks for all that you do to make Fever the place to be!!!
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    Hey Ghost, grats on your recent promotion to Lance Corporal! How's the Season 5 stuff going for you? I'll look for you in TS and stop in to say hi, and please do the same if you see me parked in a Diablo TS channel.

    Congratulations again! See you in-game maybe before the end of the season!
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    Ayye! Congratulations on your promotion! I'm so glad that you're in my division and I have the pleasure to be apart of your Fever community.
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    Welcome to The Fever Clan!!!

    Howdy GHOST_AQC, you have come to a great home for gaming. When I first joined the vast forums, teamspeak, and large player base was a bit daunting. Hope you are settling in well. Definitely feel free to shoot me a message on here or contact me in teamspeak any time if you need any help. All Fever members are very helpful. This is not just a gaming community it is a gaming family. The introduction section is by far the greatest spot to post at first if you want to get in touch with the gamers that play the games you like the most. After that you can find the individual games you like in their respective sections. One of my favorite sections is the support section. A great thing about being in a clan is that just because people may play different games and for different levels of seriousness, they are always ready to help each other out. Once again I just want to say welcome to the Fever Clan. Happy to have another fellow gamer joining the ranks.

    So happy to have another SWBF player. My IGN for origin is FealtyGaming. What mode do you like to the play in the new game? I have been digging Fighter Squadron since it is beyond easy XP lolol. If you also ever find yourself playing Smite, Black Ops 3, Rocket League, Ark Survival Evolved, &/or Hearthstone shoot me a message. I am always down to group up
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    Welcome to lFEVERl

    How’s it going GHOST_AQC, good to see new members become part of this team every day. If you ever have any questions please feel free ask me. Hope to see you around of TeamSpeak.

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    Greetings GHOST_AQC!!

    Welcome to |Fever|! I see you play D3. I hope to be able to play with you. Just message me or say something in Teamspeak and we will play. Don't hesitate to join the teamspeak server and say hello, everyone is really nice. I am on the forums/teamspeak most days, so if you have a question just come in/pm me. Hope to see you on the forums and in teamspeak!!!!!
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    Greetings GHOST_AQC!

    Great to have you in |Fever|! I've only been in |Fever| a short time but I LOVE it. I see you also play Diablo 3, which is my main game. I've already met a lot of people that I play with nearly every night. Head over to the forums because it is a great way to get to know people better, help us to get you know you better and to get ahead and contribute to |Fever| Clan. Don't forget to post to the In Game Clan Invite thread to get into the Diablo 3 in-game Fever Clan and Community.

    I'm online most nights in the Diablo 3 channels on Teamspeak. Feel free to PM me or catch me on TS if you need anything or have any questions. Hope to see you around! Laters!

  9. Greetings GHOST_AQC

    Firstly I want to welcome you to the FeverClan!

    Just before we start, Iím JSTFY itís a pleasure to meet you! Iíve not been here to long myself but Fever is my home and itís amazing here I really suggest staying for as long as you can. Fever is a very mature gaming community with a lot of respectful players.

    Now you know about me letís get into some things that will help you around Fever. For new players you can introduce yourself here at Fever Introductions Other Fever members will be able to read this and already people will get to know you.

    One of the best ways to contribute to Fever as a whole is to get Fever Jobs here you have a huge selection of Fever Jobs that will come with many rewards for helping Fever!

    One of the rewards are Fever Rank and Promotion Guide Iím sure youíll be very keen to be shooting through the ranks as quick as possible.

    Another reward is Fever Coins coins are lovely to have, you can do many things with them, and we even have a game-trading section that you can use Fever Coins to get real games on Steam etc.

    Hope this helped you a little more and I hope you enjoy yourself here at Fever! Gaming for life, adios!
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Awards Showcase - 9 Awards

Icon Image Description
Veterancy Gold Veterancy Gold Name: Veterancy Gold
Awarded to members who have been in the clan, without going inactive, for:
ē 2 years for Gold
Issue Time: 11-22-2017, 02:17 PM
Issue Reason:
Service Commendation Ribbon Service Commendation Ribbon Name: Service Commendation Ribbon
Awarded to members who show good activity on the forums. Must have at least:
ē 100 posts for Ribbon
Issue Time: 08-27-2017, 01:21 PM
Issue Reason:
PoW Ribbon PoW Ribbon Name: PoW Ribbon
Awarded to members who have won Player of the Week.
ē Once for Ribbon
Issue Time: 04-03-2018, 09:30 AM
Issue Reason:
Loyalty Loyalty Name: Loyalty
Awarded to members who have reached the rank of SMA and above for following FeverClan's Standards.
Issue Time: 03-07-2018, 02:18 PM
Issue Reason:
Game Night Ribbon Game Night Ribbon Name: Game Night Ribbon
Took part in 5 game nights.
Issue Time: 12-13-2017, 05:39 PM
Issue Reason:
Diablo 3 Superior Skills Award Diablo 3 Superior Skills Award Name: Diablo 3 Superior Skills Award
Awarded to those who achieved 3 or more Diablo 3 awards.
Issue Time: 07-29-2016, 05:33 PM
Issue Reason:
Nephalem Warrior Nephalem Warrior Name: Nephalem Warrior
Reach Paragon 800 (seasonal or non seasonal)
Issue Time: 07-29-2016, 05:33 PM
Issue Reason:
Guardian Guardian Name: Guardian
Complete all level of the Season Journey at least once
Issue Time: 07-29-2016, 05:33 PM
Issue Reason:
Highest Ascension Highest Ascension Name: Highest Ascension
Achieve a Greater Rift 65 Solo
Issue Time: 07-29-2016, 05:32 PM
Issue Reason:
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