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      to forget to greet mr drew ,youve been doing well
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      Hi! Thanks for the message. I haven't had a chance to meet anybody in game yet, but it sounds like a lot of people are taking a break for the holidays and before season 9. I'm looking forward to playing with everybody once the new season starts though. For season 8, I've managed to clear GR 60 with my wizard. I can probably go a bit higher, but decided to step back and farm up some gems to augment a couple of my better ancient legendaries. For season 9, I think I'll switch back to a barbarian which was my main in non-season content.
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    3. Thanks DerangedDrew...I only listed a few games as I have ADHD when it comes to games. Something shiny and new comes out and I'll jump to that for a while.
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      i just got overwatch like 2 days ago. i love playing genji he is awesome. i havent played any competitive yet and i am lvl 11. hope to see you in game sometime
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      Hi @DerangedDrew,

      I am also playing WD but I am very small, I jliteraly just started However, I would love to play in party and have fun! I usualy aroung 6-7pn PT as well on business days.

      I've sent you a friend requiest in

      Talks to you in TS and see in the game!
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      Congratz on the promo to PFC!!! Hope you are enjoying your time here in Fever!!!

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      thank you and yeah 1 question can i remove my own topic on the forum ???
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      Well you have gotten quite a fair share of welcomes,and im sure youve seen that this is how we work on the greetings team. Everyone with there own way of say hello and offering up guides and links of whats around fever. Maybe even wanting to strike up a conversation with new members. As the rule for most of us is NEVER leave a profile empty

      So not only welcome to fever,but to the greetings team . When you are situated you can have fun with coming up with your own welcoming . Be creative. :P

      If you want to talk about anything else though ,im always around !
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      Hello DerangedDrew and welcome to Feverclan. My name is Mekaq and this is my first clan but I have nothing but good things to say about it.
      How has your day been, have you made any new friends?
      I see you play Smite, guess what I happen to play smite as well, so Come down to the smite channels sometime and play a couple of games with us at some point.

      If you want to contact me or add me on any of the below go ahead:
      Steam- skitze1
      Origin- steamfunk_fox MekaQ#2141

      I am on the TS quite often so if you have any questions or query's you can go ahead and ask.
      I hope you enjoy your time at Feverclan and I hope to see you in the future.


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      Welcome again! :P Hope to talk to you again soon! I play League and my ign is Sideways Cat.
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    Originally Posted by DerangedDrew
    I've seen around some people that are confused as what to play on the upcoming season as there will be many changes and a lot of hype behind it. Therefor i'm going to dedicate this thread to such people

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