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    Welcome to Fever!
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    Hello and welcome to Feverclan, AaronW, my name is Mekaq I am reasonably new to the clan myself.
    How has your day been, have you made any new friends?
    I read your application and I saw that you play overwatch, I play that game myself so if you want someone to play with, send me a message.Do you have a favourite map or hero?
    But quick warning i can rage a lot at that game.
    I play a lot of smite, so if you want to start playing that and have any questions about smite just message me.

    I am on the TS quite often so if you have any questions or query's you can go ahead and ask.
    I hope you enjoy your time at Feverclan and I hope to see you in the future.

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    Welcome to Feverclan, AaronW My name is Angel and I'm happy to see that you've joined our community!

    I see that your main game is Heroes of the Storm That's my main game as well ^-^ I play it when I have time :3 Hehe. What is the reason you got started on Heroes to begin with? For me, I really wanted a replacement for League. I played Heroes at first because of the WoW pet you got when you reached level 20 and then loved the game xD Have you played the new map at all? Do you like it or dislike it? I like it better than the braxis map when it first came out Who is your favorite Hero to play? I love Sylvanas She's my favorite in WoW as well so I'm biased, hehehe.

    If you ever need anything, please feel free to message me and I'll do what I can to help you ^-^ Also, don't forget to /join Feverclan chat in Heroes of the Storm to see other members that are online and looking to group up =p

    Angel out ^-^
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    Hello, AaronW. How are you today? My name is Jam, and I would like to welcome you to Fever. I saw on your application that you play Hearthstone! I'm so happy that you joined Fever since Iíve been looking for more people to play Hearthstone with. Do you have a favorite deck? Who is your favorite hero? What do you think of the latest adventure? The decks I use for ranked are CíThun Priest, CíThun Warrior, and Evolve Shaman. I usually use my Yogg Mage deck in casual. I am also trying to learn how to play Aggro Shaman and Zoo Warlock. The highest ranked Iíve achieved is 12. I'm still trying to get to at least 5. We should play sometime! If you want to add me, my battletag is glyssa#1811. I hope to see you on teamspeak soon. If you have any questions, feel free to PM on the forums or just send me a message on I would be delighted to help you in anyway I can. Have a fabulous day!
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    Hello, AaronW!

    Welcome to Fever!

    First, Iíd like to introduce myself; Iím KittyMae and Iíve been a member of Fever since June 2014. Fever is an amazing community that has provided me with many social interactions with some of the most amazing people Iíve been fortunate enough to meet and even get to know well enough to consider family. I hope you stick around and experience as many cherished moments as I have.

    Now, Iím going to provide you with some links that will help you get better acquainted with our communityÖ

    First, I suggest letting fellow members get to know you better by posting in our Introduction Section. Though this is optional, posting will help other members get to know you better and reading the posts of others will help you get to know fellow members better.

    Also, if youíre looking to socialize with other members aside from gaming, you can check out our General Discussion section where you will find members talking about just about anything and everything.

    Because we a gaming community, here are some links to our Gaming Section:

    If you wish to be a contributor to the clan, you can work on Fever Jobs here. Accepting Jobs in the clan will not only allow you to become better known in the community but it also provides rewards such as Rank Ups and Promotions and Fever Coins. Coins can be used for a multitude of things including game trading/purchasing and even obtaining your own private channel in TeamSpeak. Be sure to click on the links for more in-depth explanations!

    If you prefer using a touchscreen device, thereís a helpful app you can used called TapTalk

    Lastly, if you enjoy social media, you can visit Fever on
    Steam Group

    I hope you found this information useful. If you have any questions, donít hesitate to private message me or find me in TeamSpeak and I will do whatever I can to assist you.

    Hope to talk to you soon!
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