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Community is the lifeblood of any successful gaming clan, and that community spends much of its time gaming on the clan's servers. Feverclan provides servers for all of the games that we support. Our servers are available to clan membership, as well as non-members, who are looking for a great place to game. Servers are only good if they are online, and because Feverclan always wants your gaming experience to be an excellent one, we run our servers on high-end, state of the art equipment. The cost of our servers is supported by clan leadership, and membership donations. If you enjoy playing on our servers, and would like to contribute to their continued up-time -- please feel free to donate. No amount is considered too small, and any amount given is much appreciated. Providing an awesome gaming experience is what we're all about -- and what we will always be about. Thanx for taking the time -- and GAME ON!
Fever Costs Breakdown.

August 2018's Contributers:
Goal: $400
Total: $