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    FeverClan Teamspeak 3 Skin


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    FeverClan Teamspeak 3 Skin

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    FeverClan Teamspeak 3 Skin. Instructions for installing the skin can be found in this thread:


    This is a instructions on how to download and install new sound packs into your Team Speak 3.

    First off download the Sound Pack. Inside the sound pack will be a stand alone Sound Folder labeled Sound or something Sound depending on which pack you are downloading.

    When the pack is done downloading, unzip it. Take the folder and move it into your Program Folders > Team Speak 3 Client Folder > Sound Folder. To get to your program folders then Team Speak 3 Client folder, just go to your My Computer, Double click your main drive (usually C, and scroll down until you find the Team Speak 3 Client folder.

    Once you are in the Team Speak 3 Client Folder, take the Sound Pack Folder and drag it into your Sound Folder in the TS3 Client Folder.

    Once the file has been moved into the appropriately folder, go to Settings > Options > Notifications, and click on Sound pack to the top left and choose your Sound Pack. Once chosen you will need to restart Team Speak 3 for it to take effect.

    The overall process is extremely easy, but if you do have any trouble just tell me and I will help.

    ALSO, |Fever| Pjok has a cool sounding Commentary Sound Pack you guys can download. All you need to do to download it is, right click the Lounge Channel in our Team Speak 3 server, and click Open File browser then double click Pjok's Sound Pack 2. Then just follow the instructions above to install the Sound Pack successfully.

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