State of Sithis XIII

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Well, quite a bit has happened since the last state of Sithis. Christmas came quickly, we had a nice time with the family and open some presents, my grandparents also visited which was nice especially since my grandfather seems to be nearing his end. As for the new year I spent it with my family and probably just played league (still can't drink - two new years from now I will, and i'll throw down). As for school i'm taking Art history II, Intro to Philosophy, Contemporary Ethics, and US History from 1877 to 2017. Should be a fun semester and I already like the 3 classes i've been to so far. As for Fever i've begun to work myself into a groove each month and do just about the same thing. Looking forward to the generals meeting this Saturday. I think that's about it for December to now, if anything else happens soon i'll edit it in. Thanks for reading

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