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  1. Man has it been some time!

    Just looking back on the whole time that I have been in this clan, it has honestly helped me through so much. I have went through many hard life lessons and no matter what I could always rely on every ...
  2. Ranking up!

    If anyone is wanting to join me in the progress of re ranking in csgo and LoL for the fun of it for wanting to get ranks back hit me up on steam (BIO) DeadlyShotzz. I will be also streaming it on the ...
  3. State of Sithis XXIII

    Today is the last day before February. I've now had 4 weeks of school and things are going pretty well. So far making the grades and learning a lot. I need to work on meeting people better. Still feeling ...
  4. To A New Year

    Welcome to 2018 and may this year be better than the last and bring you joy. Also working on getting ranks back up in csgo and six siege if anyone wants to join.
    FeverClan Blog
  5. State of Sithis XXII

    The year of our lord 2017 has come and gone. Today also marks my 900th day in Fever. I like to this this year sparked some positive reforms in the Fever structure and with some new people heading integral ...
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone!!!

    Just wanted to say have a wonderful Christmas and new years everyone.
  7. Help?

    Hey so i just got my name changed to Batman (I love it btw) but now i can't view my profile it takes me to someone elses profile not sure why? Was wondering if anyone could help me?
    FeverClan Blog
  8. I'm new and got some questions! LOL

    Hello so I just joined the clan and I'm still new to how to post and all that good stuff hopefully this is how?

    I have some questions tho I was looking at my name on here and decided I'm ...
  9. State of Sithis XXI

    Sorry for the delay forgot to post and then I've been busy this week but here we go lets crank this out. I'm getting excited to transfer to UNF this January and starting really getting into my major. ...
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  10. Hello

    Hi, I am Big Smoke. I just started my first channel. Unfortunately, I do not quite yet have the ability to stream in high definition(I'm running on integrated Intel HD graphics processor and an i5 with ...
  11. World of Tanks

  12. My week/ clan opinion

    So this is where i start, with this week.
    So I have started collage recently and im really enjoying my time there meeting new people and learning new things but the subjects im ...
  13. Fever Esports - League of Legends Teams October

    Hello everyone,
    I am Fifty, owner and founder of Fever Esports - League of Legends Gaming Teams.
    I would like to formally announce what we have been up to this past month.
    We have ...

    Updated 10-19-2017 at 09:06 PM by Fifty

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