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  1. Long Time, No Post...

    Yeah, it's been that crazy for me. Two hurricanes meant ALOT of work for me here lately. I'm kinda still trying to recover from the back and forth of it all, but yes I'm back.

    I've been gaming ...
  2. State of Sithis XX

    This past month has been a little hectic. Irma caused a couple tens of thousands in damage so we just had an insurance inspector come and that seems to have gone well. No power for a full 6 days. Enough ...
  3. Fever Esports - League of Legends Teams

    Hello everyone,
    I am JNG Fifty, owner and founder of Fever Esports League of Legends Gaming Teams.
    I am Extremely excited to announce completion of our Competitive roster Fever Esports ...
  4. State of Sithis XIX

    Greetings, time for another update into my small world. This month my family completed a move a little north on the beach, finishing settling in and touching stuff up. I finished my summer class and got ...
  5. Cards, Fortune, and Tango elimination

    For the longest time I never understood the allure of building/crafting type games like Minecraft. I've only watched a few friends play it and it was fun but I just didn't get it. So I decided to try ...
  6. Woo-Hoo! The weekend is here and...oh great...

    Yeah, so the (extended) weekend is here. I'm back home from the off-site, so I decided to jump into CS:GO.

    That's when I notice I've been de-ranked to Silver 1 (from Silver 3), and then when ...
  7. Sixxed: The First One

    I wanted to give my hand at blogging. I probably won't be the best at organizing my thoughts but here goes. This should be interesting.

    I'll give a little back story so I can let you guys ...
  8. Just Checkin In

    Yep, it's been a month, and yeah, I've been busy with work.

    This here is the time when most power plants do what they call a "staged maintenance cycle" where in they take half of ...
  9. Wildlanding

    Z: "Got one walking towards..." D: "I see him."

    I've been a fan of the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six franchise for a long time. I really enjoy having the ability to approach ...
  10. State of Sithis XVIII

    Well then, seems I have hit the rank of GEN. Took nearly two years and an accomplishment I can be proud of. The league section is looking stronger and i'm somewhat approaching 10k posts. This summer i'm ...
  11. "Mustang" & Battleships

    My friend @mYth messaged me saying,

    "Belated congatz on going Mustang!"

    Mustang? What??? That's gotta be military jargon for something like, "Rookie" ...

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  12. Vacation's Over (For Now...), New Job, and...Death

    So where to begin...

    Yay for the promotion to MSG!

    The vacation I was on kept getting interupted by things, so it's on hold for now.

    Ah, the new job! I'm a Machinist's ...
  13. Being Inside My Head....Again!

    “It’s like being trapped in a brain... - Mental Health on The Mighty

    I'm constantly questioning myself too much and I fucking hate it! After dealing with an alcoholic, mentally/verbally ...
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