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    1. Feverclan Social Media?

      Do we have things like Instagram, because I post dope pictures of my games on Instagram @Mordon_Smirkdon and would love to get the support of fellow members as well as connect with the clan more easily.:playful: ...
    2. Eye Candy

    3. Activity

      I realize I need to be active again on here as I just deal with the issues of life outside. I still enjoy everything here since the last time I was here. It seems to still be in tip top shape.
    4. Kazakus Priest WITHOUT reno.

      Originally Posted by PapaRussia
      A deck without Reno based around having only 1 copy of 30 cards is a very bad idea and I don't see it going very far, even with Kaz and Raza, do you not have Reno or is it something else?
    5. My path

      I got a heart that just won’t beat, a song that I can’t sing. I’ll wait for you alone.I got a love that I can’t chase, the mystery just won’t fade. There is no where left to breath, you’ve ...
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    6. State of Sithis XIII

      Well, quite a bit has happened since the last state of Sithis. Christmas came quickly, we had a nice time with the family and open some presents, my grandparents also visited which was nice especially ...
    7. Dota2

    8. Dota2

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    12. Dota2

    13. Challenges

      Life might be difficult at times, be there for those who needs it.
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