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I've seen around some people that are confused as what to play on the upcoming season as there will be many changes and a lot of hype behind it. Therefor i'm going to dedicate this thread to such people and too anyone who might want to see where a certain build stands. So without further a do here is my list of some of the best builds and there corresponding "how to" links for upcoming season 9.

1.) Firebird /Archon Wizard

2.4.2 Firebird Archon GR100+ - Wizard - Diablo III Builds - Diablo Fans

2.) LON bomb crusader

This builds potential is pretty limitless but it is hard to achieve as it rely's heavily off of having ancient gear, the result is a crusader that melts through anything in it's path no matter how high the rift seems to go.

3.) Raekors / Charge Barbarian

With the recent change to the 2 set bonus for Raekor's (If furious charge only hits one enemy the stack is refunded) this build is much more effective on rift guardians and less reliant on cool down reduction.

4.) Helltooth / Gargantuan WD

This concludes my list here's an informational video with more builds to be seen on the season 9 leaderboards.

Make sure too leave input and post your own builds too help inform the peeps of the Diablo 3 community!
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