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I am glad to be able to exclusively preview for you a beautiful in-development game I found on Greenlight a couple of weeks ago: Soft Body.

Soft Body is a Bullet Hell/Puzzle game set in a soothing, abstract setting. As I started playing, it felt as if something pulled me in the game and soon I was just one with its world. The combination of music, sounds and color, along with the way your avatar moves, help create a non-frantic feeling which may easily distinguish it from most bullet hell games. A big portion of the satisfaction from beating every level, comes from the fact that in the game you control two avatars, that you can control separately, or combine into one. Because of that, the skill level increases as you need to learn to co-ordinate your moves.

What initially impressed me is how simple and intuitive the tutorial was, as it can get you fast to the point of knowing exactly what you need to do. As you advance, the levels become progressively more challenging, and the puzzles more complicated. Naturally, after losing I did learn better what I had to do next time, however an extent of randomness on the levels, never took away from the satisfaction of succeeding onto the next one. Difficulty aside, there are some levels that seem to be there for weaving the game and a story in a way, by using the music, sounds and combination of colors mentioned earlier. Finally, pertaining to levels, I really enjoyed the fact that as I was solving the puzzles, the boxes and shapes would shift on the go, revealing the next step or enemy that you have to face.

As the game is still in the making, Zeke Virant, the sole developer of the game, has stated that there will be more color combinations, and newer shapes to come in the game upon release. Naturally there will also be more sounds and music to enhance the new levels. In the additions come new projectiles and enemies and -possibly- an endless-style level for high-score challenge.

We asked Mr. Virant a very important question when it comes to indie games:

Q: Why did you decide to make a game like that, and what aspect of the game do you think will satisfy players the most.

A: It didn't start from anything. I just wanted to see if I could make a Hotline Miami clone in an hour, but I messed up and tried to make a Galaga-esque game instead. The visuals were the most interesting thing at first, and I found that people loved the way it looked and felt to control. I feel like I stumbled on this strange but lucid control scheme, and I want to give it all of the attention and love it deserves.

I never forced it, and I played the game a lot so I could really try and understand how to make the feel and flow of the game as smooth as possible. Whenever I get stuck, I load up a level and move around and try to pinpoint what feels nice. A lot of the bullet patterns are circular because it feels great to move around in a large circle.

If I can do it right, I think people will appreciate how much fun they can have learning to control two different avatars at the same time. There is something there that is so oddly complete about learning how to do it.

If you like the preview, and you think you will also like the game as much as I did, if not more, then make sure to check its page on Greenlight, and vote for it! Thanks for reading.

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