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  1. Gaming Lately: Part Deux - RL,, Broken Age & Star Citizen

    Darn RL... but meh, we gotta do what we gotta do right? Such is life, carry on, move along. Like Dori says, "Just keep swimming." Got a random pain in my left shoulder that started on Monday. ...
  2. Vacation Time!

    Woo-hoo! The week of hell is over, and the vacation has officially begun. Not sure when I'm heading back in, but it's a minimum of 3 weeks. I'll be getting into SC2 more deeply now to finish out the campaign ...
  3. Knights & Samurai

    Medieval Europe and Medieval Japan: my favorite periods of history thanks to Knights & Chivalry, Samurai & Bushido so naturally when I first saw gameplay footage of, "For Honor" I was ...
  4. POW?!? & YouTubin'

    I've enjoyed my time in the few months i've been a Fever-ian (Fever-ite?). I never thought i'd ever be nominated for POW but wow, I am. I'm very honored and humbled for the nomination alone. I must be ...

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  5. Protoss and, "Me the gamer"

    I rememeber years ago playing the original Starcraft in a LAN party with a bunch of college friends. People were yelling across rooms & from room to room talking smack, cheering when they were winning ...

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  6. HotS Game Night Fun

    Last Thursday was the first chance I was able to participate in one of Fever's HotS game nights. I had a lotta fun and learned some things along the way which was helpful. It was so nice to be on a team ...

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  7. Fun, frustation & "Fore!" with mYth

    So yesterday I was planning on streaming and messaged @mYth to see if he was up for any gaming. After mentioning a couple games he said he had an idea for the game. Next thing I know I get a Steam notification ...
  8. YouTubin'

    I saw in the Social Media Jobs Section of the latest Fever Weekly Issue 278 that the Clan is trying to build up the Youtube Team. Since i've begun streaming again and want to help the Clan out I contacted ...
  9. Learning League

    I am starting a journey to move from effing off in ARAM to actually playing Normals. My goal to to get over my fear of ranked and not be a liability plus learn how to better play support/top. First ...
  10. Feverclan Social Media?

    Do we have things like Instagram, because I post dope pictures of my games on Instagram @Mordon_Smirkdon and would love to get the support of fellow members as well as connect with the clan more easily.:playful: ...
  11. Anxiety and Panic Disorder

    Living with it is a nightmare/ Makes my entire body tense, my stomach hurt and at times I break down crying. Tonight was one of those nights. I don't do well around other people when it happens and ...
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  12. Football Tactics - Early Access Review

  13. Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11099

    Last month, Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview build 11082 for PCs, its first ...
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