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  1. Fever Esports - League of Legends Teams

    Hello everyone,
    I am JNG Fifty, owner and founder of Fever Esports League of Legends Gaming Teams.
    I am Extremely excited to announce completion of our Competitive roster Fever Esports ...
  2. Cards, Fortune, and Tango elimination

    For the longest time I never understood the allure of building/crafting type games like Minecraft. I've only watched a few friends play it and it was fun but I just didn't get it. So I decided to try ...
  3. Wildlanding

    Z: "Got one walking towards..." D: "I see him."

    I've been a fan of the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six franchise for a long time. I really enjoy having the ability to approach ...
  4. "Mustang" & Battleships

    My friend @mYth messaged me saying,

    "Belated congatz on going Mustang!"

    Mustang? What??? That's gotta be military jargon for something like, "Rookie" ...

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  5. Vacation's Over (For Now...), New Job, and...Death

    So where to begin...

    Yay for the promotion to MSG!

    The vacation I was on kept getting interupted by things, so it's on hold for now.

    Ah, the new job! I'm a Machinist's ...
  6. Being Inside My Head....Again!

    “It’s like being trapped in a brain... - Mental Health on The Mighty

    I'm constantly questioning myself too much and I fucking hate it! After dealing with an alcoholic, mentally/verbally ...
  7. Paragon-ing

    Not too long ago I saw a twitch streamer playing, "Paragon." I liked the graphics and the unique 3rd person perspective for a MOBA so I tried it out and have enjoyed it in the time i've been ...
  8. Gaming Lately: Part Deux - RL,, Broken Age & Star Citizen

    Darn RL... but meh, we gotta do what we gotta do right? Such is life, carry on, move along. Like Dori says, "Just keep swimming." Got a random pain in my left shoulder that started on Monday. ...
  9. Vacation Time!

    Woo-hoo! The week of hell is over, and the vacation has officially begun. Not sure when I'm heading back in, but it's a minimum of 3 weeks. I'll be getting into SC2 more deeply now to finish out the campaign ...
  10. Knights & Samurai

    Medieval Europe and Medieval Japan: my favorite periods of history thanks to Knights & Chivalry, Samurai & Bushido so naturally when I first saw gameplay footage of, "For Honor" I was ...
  11. POW?!? & YouTubin'

    I've enjoyed my time in the few months i've been a Fever-ian (Fever-ite?). I never thought i'd ever be nominated for POW but wow, I am. I'm very honored and humbled for the nomination alone. I must be ...

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  12. Protoss and, "Me the gamer"

    I rememeber years ago playing the original Starcraft in a LAN party with a bunch of college friends. People were yelling across rooms & from room to room talking smack, cheering when they were winning ...

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  13. HotS Game Night Fun

    Last Thursday was the first chance I was able to participate in one of Fever's HotS game nights. I had a lotta fun and learned some things along the way which was helpful. It was so nice to be on a team ...

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