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    1. Learning League

      I am starting a journey to move from effing off in ARAM to actually playing Normals. My goal to to get over my fear of ranked and not be a liability plus learn how to better play support/top. First ...
    2. Dota2

    3. Best builds

      Originally Posted by DerangedDrew
      I've seen around some people that are confused as what to play on the upcoming season as there will be many changes and a lot of hype behind it. Therefor i'm going to dedicate this thread to such people
      Games Blog , FeverClan Blog
    4. CS:GO Skins

      I know I might seem a bit greedy or whinny or even a twitch commenter but I just got scammed and I would like any trash skins anyone has, Thank you for viewing this blog post. Here is my trade URL: Steam Community ...
      Games Blog
    5. Esports widely acknowledged in schools

      So I have been surfing around the internet a little and I stumble across a thing of beauty. Apparently someone took it upon themselves to go ahead and make an Esports league for high school Esports teams. ...
    6. D&D 5e Game

      Greetings everyone. I started up a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition game at the beginning of the summer with my friends in town, and I commented over on the Dungeons and Dragons part of the forums about ...
      Games Blog
    7. Football Tactics - Early Access Review

    8. Terraria

    9. Prison Architect Alpha 36 -- Final Alpha update

      This is the last ever alpha video for Prison Architect, and we will be launching version 1.0 in October. But fear not! We are planning to continue ...
    10. Gone Home

      "Respects your intelligence and lets you piece the story together" -Gamespot 9.5/10

      "Gone Home is a remarkable first-person adventure that tells one of the finest stories
    11. AntiChamber

      "Antichamber is all about the harmless subversion of rules you don't realize you're being taught. Often, it isn't until after you recall one of Antichamber's lessons that you realize you've been ...
    12. GTA 5 Online: Casino Heist mission and new Clifford city leaked DLC information revealed

    13. Suicide

      The gaming community, United Startes Army and I have lost a great comrade this past weekend. My good friend of about a year David Nguyen committed suicide this weekend. It was very unexpected, he exibeted ...
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