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    1. Protoss and, "Me the gamer"

      I rememeber years ago playing the original Starcraft in a LAN party with a bunch of college friends. People were yelling across rooms & from room to room talking smack, cheering when they were winning ...

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    2. Got busy, but the vacay is coming...I think...

      So work is work I suppose. Kind of a weird schedule to fill out, but it works for me. Mondays & Fridays are a bit of a grind, but the rest is good times. I've got a good crew, and who can't beat free ...
    3. HotS Game Night Fun

      Last Thursday was the first chance I was able to participate in one of Fever's HotS game nights. I had a lotta fun and learned some things along the way which was helpful. It was so nice to be on a team ...

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    4. Week Comes Early (incoming Rant, with a chaser of Raving)

      So I made it to 100 wins in CS:GO Comp play. Yay...Woo-Hoo...Ka-Ching.

      Notice I'm not so ecstatic about it. Let's run through the why shall we:

      1. 10 Wins = Cleared the cool-down
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    5. Just things...

      So I made it to 100 wins in CS:GO Comp play, but I figured it would come with a price. I'm now a Silver 2...oh ffs!

      The other bit of news is I'm changing jobs. I'm going to be...a ...

      Updated 04-10-2017 at 06:14 PM by mYth

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    6. ArmA 3 Apex Co-Op, CS:GO Comp, and....Golf?

      So far this week, I'm up to 90 Comp wins in CS:GO. Having the Prime matchmaking has made it much easier to get up there. I sitll run into the derpy children that get the mute when they cry/whine, but ...
    7. Fun, frustation & "Fore!" with mYth

      So yesterday I was planning on streaming and messaged @mYth to see if he was up for any gaming. After mentioning a couple games he said he had an idea for the game. Next thing I know I get a Steam notification ...
    8. Getting the feel of Fever Gaming Life

      So I made it to 75 CS:GO comp wins much faster this time. Total was 5-4-1, so a vast improvement having Prime Matchmaking.

      Now on to the other thing that's been on my brain for a bit now: ...
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    9. YouTubin'

      I saw in the Social Media Jobs Section of the latest Fever Weekly Issue 278 that the Clan is trying to build up the Youtube Team. Since i've begun streaming again and want to help the Clan out I contacted ...
    10. Gaming Lately - Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Fun

      Been having a blast playing and leveling in Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer bronze difficulty and a few nights ago was the best one yet: the groups I got matched up with were full of really good players ...
    11. Gaming lately: Mass Effect Andromeda & Ghost Recon Wildlands

      Mass Effect Andromeda (Xbox One) -

      I've been a fan of Mass Effect ever since I played the ...

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    12. Paladins fun!

      Played Paladins for the first time in I don't know how long with @mYth. mYth was playing for the first time and I felt the same but after a few matches I started to remember. Man it was a lotta fun! ...

      Updated 03-22-2017 at 02:49 PM by ZamuraiDux

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    13. Learning League

      I am starting a journey to move from effing off in ARAM to actually playing Normals. My goal to to get over my fear of ranked and not be a liability plus learn how to better play support/top. First ...
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