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Thread: How to Transfrae my old ssd to a new one

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    How to Transfrae my old ssd to a new one

    Hey guys so my normal system only ssd is quit at it limits and it was one of the first so there wwas not that mayn or high ssd out there ans i know that you just cant copie all of the data to a other ssd like you do wiht a normal hdd or some usb stick

    ist a Western Digital so how can i transfare my system to a new ssd wiht maybe not just do a new fresh windos install is there any way to do that


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    Generally speaking most people will use the same maker of a drive, and then use the manufacturers software. For example samsung has one but it will only pull data from a samsung drive, so both the new and old drive need to be samsung.

    With some research I did find This tool. This may be what your looking for. Keep in mind though that many problems can arise from this as hard drive manufacturers sometimes use different methods when designing hard drive.

    It appears that western digital has This software, so your best bet is to pick up another western digital and attempt to use this. This appears to be instructions on how to do it.

    Good luck!

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