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Thread: Fallout 76

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    Fallout 76

    I take it a lot of people in the clan interested in picking this up (this a sure buy for anyone)? Looks like it's pretty laid back in terms of a "survival" game. As a fan of the fallout series, can wait to see what the beta looks like. Multiplayer almost has a Sea of Thieves vibe, as it has instruments too .

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    I'm trying to ignore any and all judgement from others until I can play it and form my own opinion on it. It seems like half of the people I have on Facebook (those who game) are excited for it, and the other half have very negative opinions on it.

    But this is 1000000% a sure buy for me.

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    It certainly looks interesting to say the least.

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    Im so hyped for it the other ones were a bit confusing without friends helping you

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    I've already pre-ordered the Tricentennial Edition, as it was a no brainer for me and because I've been a fan of the entire Fallout franchise for a LONG time
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    I'll be there day one, enjoying the lovely smell of radiation with you fellas.
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    I'm interested in it, but probalby won't be picking it up at launch.
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