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Thread: How to get back in Warframe?

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    How to get back in Warframe?

    I quit Warframe due to all of my friends quitting it, and doing my daily Relic runs with my Kavat was honestly boring, I have missed a lot of things added to Warframe, so in short I want to be back and be a competetive player.
    I am also interested in the players who play Warframe from the clan in the EU region, bacause staying up untill 3 A.M. in the morning isnĀ“t the most fun thing to do.

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    So our player base varies in time zones, however we are mainly USTZ. That doesn't mean you wont see players on throughout the weekday though because many of us have weird work schedules so someone is just about always on. Catching up is easy enough. Check your codex for new story missions/quests available, read up on the wiki about new warframes, or check out guides on new major content like daily Sorties, Plains of Eidilon, and Sanctuary Onslaught. Feel free to stop by on Discord and ask any questions with us!

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    Welcome to Fever and also welcome back to Warframe.

    Keep an eye out on the discord channels for Warframe and always join them even if you're playing solo. Some one will eventually join you That's what I've been doing.

    We're always farming anything you can imagine so ask if you need help with anything.

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