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Thread: GWENT roadmap coming next week!

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    GWENT roadmap coming next week!

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    GWENT roadmap coming next week!

    "Hey everyone,

    Like I promised, the roadmap for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is coming! I’ll be dropping some major news soon, but I need to ask you for your patience, as the team needs more time to lock things down. What I can say now is that GWENT is coming home. You’ll soon get to know what that means exactly.

    In the meantime, I have two announcements about April in GWENT:

    April 17th will bring an update featuring Faction Board Skins and Premium Cards — 35 in total if you count the tokens for Shupe. We’re focusing on bug fixes and stability — especially on consoles.

    In the middle of April, we’ll be holding a Premium Keg Weekend, so keep an eye on that and save your kegs!

    Talk to you soon! The wait is just a tiny bit longer!

    Paweł Burza
    Community Manager"

    Very exciting news, hopefully a Thronebreaker date soon? !!!

    Premium Keg weekend soon? Glad i havent opened my season kegs yet hehehe
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