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Thread: Current ranked season ends tomorrow. Satisfied with this season?

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    Current ranked season ends tomorrow. Satisfied with this season?

    What rank did you get? And did you like the meta this season?

    Update 1:

    As you probably know, the current Ranked Play season was set to end today, that is January 8th, 12 PM CET. However, following a lengthy discussion within the GWENT team, and taking into account the community’s feedback, we decided to make an adjustment to the schedule.

    The current Ranked Play season will now end Wednesday, January 10th, 12 PM CET, with the next season set to begin Thursday, January 11th. We’ll be posting additional details regarding the start of the new Ranked Play season on GWENT’s official Twitter soon.

    This adjustment will allow us to address a number of high-profile issues gamers are currently experiencing and reporting with an upcoming technical patch. The patch will be released prior to the start of the new Ranked Play season.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused and thank you for your understanding.

    Update 2:

    ahhhhhhhh GWENT season ended and tomorrow new season starts and you'll get all your rewards. Also patch incoming tommorow
    more like a hotfix
    It will highlight most of the problems with the game and remove CA spies from create.
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