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Thread: PUBG Tournament hosted by GCC!

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    PUBG Tournament hosted by GCC!

    Hey everyone!

    Yesterday evening FeverClan took part in a tournament hosted by our newest partner, GCC. We competed against 7 other communities and came 7th with 110.5 points! As this was our first tournament we've played with these partners, we did super well and we've really got a feel on how tournaments work and the play-style of our competitors.

    We entered 3 teams in the event and these are their placements out of 21 teams:

    MisterZ came 9th with 43 points - @Shanill @Salty @GosuSavage

    HaterZ came 15th with 35.5 points - @Kimenu @Damien @Ferg @Dusk

    TailZ came 17th with 32 points - @Zerox @CiokoF13ndra @Belos @Tipheroun

    GG Boys! <3
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    PUBG Tournament hosted by GCC!

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    GG everyone!

    Thanks @Niine for your assistance!

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    will do better next time ) gg boys

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    haha Salty OP

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    Hopefully now that 1.0 is out GCC will do another PUBG tourny and start doing them more frequently

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    PUBG Tournament hosted by GCC!

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    That would be great.

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