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Thread: Master X Master, who's playing?

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    Master X Master, who's playing?

    Hey mates,

    I am really enjoying this new Moba, quite unique in many aspects. It has many game modes, I am especially enjoying the Stages (dungeons) PVE and 3v3 (PVP/E) modes. I really recommend everyone to give it a try.
    Although I am over a week late in relating the news, but hey...there are 10 days left more then enough time to enjoy it. The beta ends April 27th. Haven't checked when it beta resumes, but the launch is in summer. Founders packs are available if anyone is interested.

    Is anyone playing Master X Master ?

    I would be glad if someone joins me in game.

    My IGN is MoeC on both EU and NA
    "The difference between poison and medicine, is often in the dose."

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    I've been playing since the launch. It's been a blast. I was wondering if anyone else in Fever plays. It's a very unique take on Mobas.

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