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Thread: Well Anyone Got Any Good Advice?

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    Well Anyone Got Any Good Advice?

    Alright so I am fairly new at this game and I am just awful. I will have the best gold guns and still get outgunned in fights and just all out destroyed in building wars. Just looking for some tips.

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    Just practice, it takes a few hundred matches to get the hang of it. You gotta build fast and get above your opponents. Having that "peaker advantage" is definitely key on this game.
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    I'm pretty new but I found rebinding the building keys really helped. Those F keys are really far to press in a hurry.

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    I myself am fairly new to fortnite but the first thing i learned before anything was how to kill people, then i worked on my building. Making sure you have vast resources and ammo to sustain building damage. Feel free to add me in game under Dsylxic currently, always down to knock out some enemy with clan mates.

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