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    Hi, Callandor here
    I'm new in FeverClan and this will be my 1st post.
    I consider a Noob to be someone, like myself, new to the game and unfamiliar with the mechanics and other intricacies of PoE even though you may be an experienced gamer otherwise.
    I have recently given up playing D3, may play it again in the future, but for now I am looking for a new challenge.
    I had messed around with PoE in the past and decided to give it a serious try.
    By nature, I like doing a lot of research, trying to figure things out for myself. Almost as if I want to beat the game without help from anyone.
    This of course is not the right approach, although the research part is good.
    PoE is designed to be played in groups and for communities to interact and discuss extensively. The discussion is almost as fulfilling as the gameplay, depending on what you want from the game.
    Games like PoE takes 30 minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. That is because it is an ever evolving entity that changes its colour and nature from season to season.
    As soon as you think you have a handle on the mechanics, and that is tough enough, the developers change things up.
    The point is that no one person, no matter how good, talented or experienced can or will know everything.

    To avoid being left at sea when starting PoE the following tips from a Noob’s perspective for the new player to get started faster:

    1. Research, read as much as you can. Understand that no matter how hard you study you will not know enough.
    2. Ask questions, strike up a conversation with anyone that seem friendly (in-game). Gamers are mostly friendly and helpful. If you are unlucky enough to hit on an $%^& ignore him and try again.
    3. From your research pick a build and take it as far as possible;
      • Start the game in the newest League, everyone else starts at Zero too, you will fit right in.
      • keep in mind expenses; as a noob you will not be farming efficiently and currency will be hard to come by; and
      • pick a build that is league starter friendly and cheap; and
      • don’t expect your 1st character to do endgame content, not going to happen, it’s called a learning curve for a reason and it’s steep.
      • builds in PoE are much more complicated than in Diablo 3 and every build will differ.
    4. Join a helpful and active community. Since you are reading this post you have already done that part. Well done, took me 2 months to figure out.
    5. Don’t tackle the Tree at all until (other than copying your chosen build) you have a healthy dose of the mechanics under control. Depending on your age you will just have a heart attack or a mental breakdown.
    6. Don’t change a build midway through its development, that does not work. Your build matures with the gear (crit or non-crit) you get and the choices (Bandits) you make.
    7. If you realise your build is not going to be the world beater you want, don’t be discouraged, start over with a new character and try again.


    Path of Exile is infinitely complex. Don’t be intimidated by it, revel in it. Millions of other gamers can and have played it with success and so can you.

    I would like to hear about the interesting and possibly funny experiences of other players starting out in PoE.

    What other helpful hints can/will make it easier for the new player to get started?
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    Excellent post @Callandor! If you’re Ok with the idea, I would like to edit the guide portion of this, do some formatting to it to make it look all pretty like and easier to read.
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    Hi, @kracker3599
    That would be fine with me.
    Happy to contribute.

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    This was a good read, although my definition of the NOOB is a bit different. What you described was my definition of Newbie (to the game that is). My definition for NOOB is a former newbie, who did not learn or does not learn.

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    Hi, @Ghist

    I guess Noob was meant to be a little "tongue in the cheek" reference.

    I can however agree with your definition.

    The difference would probably be attitude more than experience or knowledge.

    In that regard Noob would have a derogatory meaning as being someone who did not learn, could not learn or had no interest in learning.

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