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Thread: Red Dead Redemption Trailer

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    Red Dead Redemption Trailer


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    Red Dead Redemption Trailer

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    I'm surprised of a few things:

    1. There isn't an updated trailer out yet
    2. This game isn't getting as much hype as I would have thought
    3. This thread has 0 replies.

    I know I'm very late to this red dead thread (sorry lol), but I am looking forward to the PC release of this game. I enjoyed the first one a lot on console, and still enjoy playing GTA V from time to time.

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    only console exclusive i played.... number one had alot of hype it was a decent game, i felt they should have added more open world activities. but yeah.... be weird to play 2 on pc but not 1..... but id still take.

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    we need more info on this game already haha

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