Hey guys I'm Lan and If you're a Silver and needs a coaching, you've come to the right place!
I am not the best player but I've played this game enough to coach players that has a lower rank than me.

Before filling out the form have a recorded gameplay from your perspective, doesn't matter if you won the game or not. (If possible have a live gameplay and not a replay)

So if you need a coaching please fill out this form:
Click Here
Filling this form will provide me enough information to tell you what you need to improve on and what kind of habits you will need to get rid of.
During the coaching I will explain:
  • economy
  • smokes
  • flashes
  • nades

I might also "teach" you how the spray patterns work(This is something that I also need to improve on)
I will also be sharing you stuff that I need to improve on and I will tell you how I try to improve.
If there's anything that I need to add/improve to the form please tell me
Note:I'm not much of a talker so It's probably going to be awkward for a little while.

If you have any question just message me in discord: ✪ Lanz#9830
Or add me on steam: Steam Link
Hope to coach some of you guys soon!