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Thread: Thursday Overwatch Game Night! 10/12/17

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    Thursday Overwatch Game Night! 10/12/17

    Hey everyone!

    Hope the week is going great for you all so far, it's Thursday which means that the week is almost over and funnily enough, it's game night! Our amazing Company Commander Mr Aervenor (Grizzly) shall be hosting our Thursday Overwatch Game Night tonight starting at 9:00 PM EDT.

    Please don't hesitate to contact @Aervenor or myself if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you there(If I make it [2AM UK Time] :P)!

    Have fun guys and girls!

    @-Nameless @aaa @AcroBlaze @Aedric @Aervenor @AllStarr24 @amoretpax199 @Antisol @August @Aussietye @Axle @Badger @Bee @Benden @billy_da_bob @BlackKnight @Bloodlotus @Bridgett @Brute @Carrots @Chronubis @Clavat @CONSTANT @Cookie @Corvo @crimsonfate @Cryptec @Dark_Praetor @Deltascourge @DerangedDrew @divinekitty @DoctorVibes @Drake @DurandaL @dzmbkilla @Eliminator @Epic @Fallen87 @Fallenwarrior @FC Ghost @Flux @Forad @GHOST_AQC @Gotama @Hasmed @Ian @Idolator @Jatt @Jayson @JihedBZ @Jujaga @Kaseywolf @Katyara @killbyinstinct @KittyMae @Kusk @lilbear @Llamasinyour @Lowgy @LtDan @Maikelj @Maji @Miss Joker @Moonkhan @MortaleMago @Mr Zablinx @NaClBear @Naji @Neirn @nessylunatic @Neville @Nlck @Oswin22 @owlpaca @PapaRussia @PerfectEnigma @Piehat @Quelandoris @Rage487 @Rashella @SaintViking @Sasori @Shadow_Demon @Shiven @ShouShou @Shozen @Sixxed17 @skaisnotdead @Solnishka @Spadster @SpeedYz @Suurebud @Synfull @Tazxon @TheBadger @TheBeef @Tob @Toeknee @TwistedInk @Vex @Voldic @WetElectronics @Wing @Wroctaw @Xiantyl @xSupah @ZebrasaurusRex

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    omg i will be there! >.<

    ♥ RAWR ♥
    ---missjoker is superior!
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    ---#uzzyyy was so bad that Chuck Norris came to pound him in the face soon after the game.

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