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Thread: Any ideas?

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    Any ideas?

    hello friends its me Dark Tia here and I am wondering what new character class I should play as for the current wow patch just curious as to what you guys recommend thanks and have a lovely night- Dark

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    Marksmanship hunters are getting buffed like crazy next patch so Hunter would be good

    <23:46:05> "|Fever| Niine |COL|": <22:45:54> You poked "|Fever| Daddy |GEN|" with message: Hey Daddy, can I have a pet rock?
    <22:465> "|Fever| Daddy |GEN|" pokes you: Two
    <22:46:11> You poked "|Fever| Daddy |GEN|" with message: :O

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    Sorry for late reply I was afk for awhile anyway thanks for the advise I love the hunter thank you so much for the advice Kimenu

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