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Thread: Stormrage(US) Fever Alliance Guild

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    Stormrage(US) Fever Alliance Guild

    Fever has an Alliance guild on Stormrage(US). If you want an invite get with @Aisper. @Oldskule, or @Decimous or /who anyone in the guild and ask for an invite. Once you join, let an in-game officer know so we can promote your toon up to member and can put a note in your name so we don't accidentally kick you for inactivity as a social player inside the guild. We do have Normal ABT on farm, and progressing through Heroic but are looking for more members to fill our raid spots. Battle for Azeroth expansion is getting closer, so if you are waiting on the expansion to come back, we welcome all clan members. Raid materials are provided so all you need is to show up and have fun!!! Our current raid nights are Wednesday and Friday from 9 - 12 server. Did I mention our Discord channel has some of the most interesting and entertaining members in the Clan?

    Please talk with @Oldskule or @Decimous about a raid spot. Oh yeah, and we also have a Horde guild on Mal'ganis.
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    I just recently came back for the pre-patch and would love to join the guild. I would also love to go raiding with you guys if possible. @Aisper. @Oldskule, or @Decimous


    Havoc DH

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    @Rage487 friend request sent

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